Деревянко, 6. Учебник. Unit 8. Lesson 3

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a cold: keep warm, drink tea with lemon, herbal tea, eat garlic and onion, sleep a lot
broken arm/leg: stay calm, put bandage.
burn: put your arm under cold running water
a sore throatbad cough: hot milk with baking soda or honey, herbal tea
a small cut: wash it and put a plaster on it
a bad cut: call the doctor
flu: drink a lot, go to bed, sleep a lot
(возможные варианты)
1) A: I’ve got a sore throat.
В: You should drink a lot of tea with lemon end raspberry jam, eat onion and cranberries and stay in bed.
2) A: I’ve got flu.
B: You should eat a lot of onion and garlic, drink a lot of tea, juice or water, stay in bed.
3) A: I have broken my leg.
B: You should stay calm and a doctor will put a bandage on it.
4) A: I’ve got a burn.
В: You should put your hand under cold running water and call the doctor.
If you have flu you should:
Russian children: hot soup, garlic, fruit, vegetables
American children: fruit, hot soup: tomatoes, mushroom, chicken noodledrink
Russian children: hot tea with lemon
American children: lots of apple juice, hot chocolate, herbal tea
Russian children: stay in bed, take tablets
American children: sleep, dress warm1y, keep neck, chest and feet warm, take tablets
If you have flu, you should keep warm and drink a lot of tea with honey and lemon. You should eat a lot of garlic and onion. They can help you to get the virus out of your body. You should stay in bed and should not out.
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