Деревянко, 6. Учебник. Unit 9. Lesson 6

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You must clean your teeth.
You mustn’t go to bed so late.
You must practice the piano.
You mustn’t eat so many sweets.
You mustn’t play so many computer games.
You mustn’t talk in the lesson.
You mustn’t chew gum when you talk.
You mustn’t come home so late.
(возможные варианты)
You must do your homework.
You mustn’t be so rude.
You must help your parents.
f c e g a d b
Adults should stop nagging. Children should have the right to have an opinion.
1. неопределенный артикль
2. право выбора
3. без
… relationships between adults and children.
Sometimes we don’t understand each other. I think it happens because we don’t listen to each other. “Adults often criticize our behavior” – every child thinks so.
But there are a lot of reasons for it. Our parents and teachers want to improve our life and make it happier. To my mind, our parents and other adults should explain their point of view to children. Finally, I’d like to say that we should love and respect each other. We need it to be happy.
(возможные варианты)
1. Ты должен помогать взрослым. – You must help adults.
2. Ты должен ходить в школу. – You must go to school.
3. Ты не должен пропускать уроки. – You must not miss classes.
4. Ты должен есть много овощей и фруктов. – You must eat a lot of vegetables and fruit.
5. Ты не должен есть много шоколада. – You must not eat a lot of chocolate.
6. Ты не должен так много играть в компьютер. – You must not play computer games so much.
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