Деревянко, 7. Учебник. Unit 10. Lesson 5

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1. We can see an ice figure.
2. One of the events is old, and the other is new.
3. I have seen and taken part in these events.
4. They are celebrating Maslenitsa.
5. New Year, Red Sails (Алые Паруса)
We celebrate Sabantui in June and Maslenitsa in February. Sabantui is a festival that celebrates the end of spring ploughing. Maslenitsa is a holiday that celebrates the end of winter. Both these holidays are very noisy and interesting. All people dressed in national costumes and eat special food.
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I would like to take part in folk dancing and singing, sleigh-riding and horse-riding.
1. Grooshinsky festival.
2. More then 40 years.
3. In summer, June-July
4. Young and old people from many countries.
5. Song competitions.
6. Big gala Concert.
1. The Birthday Day of St. Petersburg.
3. Last Ring in schools.
4. Easter.
5. The Teacher’s Day.
My favorite celebration is The Birthday Day of St. Petersburg. We celebrate this day on the 27lh of May. It is very bright and cheerful holiday in St. Petersburg. There are a lot of festivals and masquerades. I like to go for a walk to the main street Nevsky prospect at this day. There you can dance, sing and take part in different competitions. I always win many prizes. I like this day.
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