Голицынский, 6-е издание. Модальные глаголы. Упражнение 542

1. Can he be a good runner? He is so small.
2. She can’t have finished school.
3. He can’t be a scientist.
4. He can’t have been a scientist.
5. Can she be still sleeping?
6. Can they have lost the game?
7. He can’t have said it!
8. A grown-up man can’t like such books!
9. She can’t have told you this.
10. Can it have been so cold?
11. She can’t have been late for the lesson: she has never been late before.
12. She can’t have mixed up the streets.
13. It can’t be true.
14. Can you have torn my note?
15. He can’t be in the park now: it is late.
16. She can’t have written it. I am sure that somebody else has written it.