Голицынский, 7-е издание – Артикль – Упражнение 10

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There is a wonderful small computer in front of the books there.
Where is the soup? — The soup is in a big saucepan on the gas cooker.
Where are the cutlets? — The cutlets are in the refrigerator on a little plate.
There is no bread on the table. Where is the bread?
There is a little brown coffee table in our room in front of the sofa.
Where is the table in your room?
There is a thick carpet on the floor in my mother’s room.
Is your brother at home? — No, he is at work. He works in a big factory. He is an engineer.
My sister has many books. The books are in a big bookcase. She has really good taste in books.
The weather is fine today. Let’s go and play in the yard. There are many children in the yard. They are playing with a ball.
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