Голицынский, 7-е издание – Артикль – Упражнение 14

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There is a park behind the hospital. There are (some) beautiful trees in the park.
There is a good film on TV this evening. I am going to watch it.
There is a library between the school and the bank. There are (some) English and German books in this library.
There is a sofa in the corner of the room.
There are (some) cushions on the sofa.
There are (some) books on the shelf. Give me a book, please.
What can you see in the fridge? — There is (some) sausage on the top shelf, but there is no cheese there. There is (some) butter in the butter dish. There are (some) tomatoes and (some) carrots on the bottom shelf. There are (some) eggs and (some) apples on the next shelf. There is an orange, a lemon, and (some) jam in a little jar there.
There is (some) juice in this carton. May I drink the juice?
There are (some) girls in the yard, but I can see no boys. Where are the boys? — Oh, all the boys are playing football at the stadium.
There is a peculiar charm in her voice.
There is (some) money in the purse.
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