Голицынский, 7-е издание. Артикль. Упражнение 3

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He hasn’t got a car. But he’s got a computer. The computer is new.
His friends have got a cat and a dog. The dog never bites the cat.
This is a tree. The tree is green.
I can see three boys. The boys are playing.
I have a bicycle. The bicycle is black. My friend has no bicycle.
Our room is large.
We wrote a dictation yesterday. The dictation was long.
She has two daughters and one son. Her son is a pupil.
Last year I gave my mother a bracelet for her birthday. She liked the bracelet.
My brother’s friend has no dog.
This pencil is broken. Give me that pencil, please.
She has a ball. The ball is big.
I got a letter from my friend yesterday. The letter was interesting.
When they were in Geneva, they stayed at a hotel. Sometimes they had dinner at the hotel and sometimes in a restaurant.
I’ve got an idea.
What a surprise! Our parents gave us a DVD player for Christmas.
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