Голицынский, 7-е издание. Артикль. Упражнение 33

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Bill Robins was a very rich man. He was the richest man in the village.
Pete is the tallest boy in our class. Nick is the shortest boy, but he is very strong. He is stronger than many boys who are taller than he. I think Nick is the strongest boy in the class.
Granny often tells us long stories. Today her story was still longer. It was the longest story. She began telling it after dinner and finished only before supper. But the story was very interesting. I think it was the most interesting of Granny’s stories.
Which was the most difficult exercise in the paper?
Which is the best season of the year?
February is the shortest month of the year.
Do you know the longest river in our country?
In May the days are longer than in April.
He is the most intelligent person I know.
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