Голицынский, 7-е издание – Артикль – Упражнение 4

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This is a pen. The pen is red.
These are pencils. The pencils are black.
This is soup. The soup is so tasty.
In the morning I eat a sandwich and drink tea.
She gave me coffee and a cake. The coffee was hot. The cake was very tasty.
Do you like ice cream?
I see a book in your hand. Is the book interesting?
Do you need a camera?
He never eats meat, he always eats vegetables, cereals, seeds, fruit, and nuts. He is a vegetarian.
This is a pineapple. The pineapple is delicious.
Elaine, apples are good for you!
My cousin is upset. He’s got a sore throat.
This is cottage cheese. The cottage cheese is fresh.
She bought meat, butter and potatoes yesterday. She also bought a cake. The cake was delicious. We ate the cake and drank tea.
This is my table. On the table I have books, two pencils, a pen and paper.
This is a bag. The bag is brown. It is my sister’s bag. And this is my bag. It is yellow.
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