Голицынский, 7-е издание – Артикль – Упражнение 6

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We have a large family,
My granny often tells us long interesting stories.
My father is an engineer. He works in a factory. The factory is large.
My mother is a doctor. She works at a large hospital. She is at work now.
My aunt is a teacher. She works at a school. The school is good. My aunt isn’t at school now. She is at home. She is drinking tea and eating jam. The jam is sweet. I am at home, too. I am drinking tea and eating a sandwich. The sandwich is tasty.
My sister is at school. She is a pupil.
My cousin has a big black cat. My cousin’s cat has two kittens. The cat likes milk. The kittens like milk, too.
I am an engineer.
My son is a pupil.
He is a good pupil.
This is a house.
This is my laptop.
You have some pencils, but I have no pencil. Give me a pencil, please.
It’s a small animal that has long ears, a short tail, and soft hair.
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