Голицынский, 7-е издание – Герундий – Упражнение 406

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Stop talking.
We have already finished reading this book.
Go on singing.
Do you mind opening the window?
He denied having committed the crime.
I enjoy painting.
We enjoyed swimming.
I could not help agreeing with him.
He burst out laughing.
She has given up smoking.
She avoided meeting him.
We shall put off discussing the report.
At last they stopped laughing.
She denied having stolen the money.
We’ve had to postpone going to the country until next Saturday.
Excuse my having lost your pen.
When will she finish writing the essay?
I don’t mind staying at home and working on my new book.
Stop trembling. Avoid showing these people that you are afraid of them.
I can’t help worrying about them: they have stopped writing.
I don’t deny having seen them that evening.
He did not mind being examined: he had stopped pretending that he was healthy (that he was in good health; that he was well).
He cannot forgive my having torn his bag.
She denied having taken my watch.
The boy enjoys giving orders to his little sister.
It’s better to postpone making a decision.
Could (can) I borrow that book when you have finished reading it?
Her son tried to avoid answering her questions because he was ashamed (of having lied to her) that he had lied before.
He couldn’t help thinking that his son had made a big mistake.
Please excuse me for opening your letter by mistake.
I’ve given up eating meat and every day I was eating healthier food.
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