Голицынский, 7-е издание – Герундий – Упражнение 411

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The girls were busy packing when one of them suddenly remembered having left the milk on the stove which was probably boiling over.
Little David couldn’t bear reciting his lessons in the presence of his stepfather and Miss Murdstone. They frightened him so that he couldn’t help making mistakes though he tried hard to avoid displeasing them and being scolded.
I landed in London on an autumn evening. My friends expected me home for the holidays, but had no idea of my returning so soon. I had purposely not informed them of my coming that I might have the pleasure of taking them by surprise. And yet I had a feeling of disappointment in receiving (having received) no welcome. I even felt like crying.
The girl was proud of being chosen to represent the sportsmen of the school at the coming competition. She thanked her classmates for having chosen her and promised to do her best to win.
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