Голицынский, 7-е издание – Герундий – Упражнение 417

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I insist on helping her.
He denied having broken the vase.
She is afraid of losing her purse.
I don’t approve of your wasting so much time. (I disapprove of you (your) wasting so much time.)
My neighbours are thinking of going to Italy for their holidays, but they haven’t decided yet.
She forgave him for not writing to her.
Stop crying.
My little brother prevented me from doing my homework.
Do you mind my (me) coming a little later? (Would you mind my coming a little later?)
Go on writing.
Father objects to my going to the theatre with her.
I cannot help laughing looking (when I look) at you.
He looks forward to receiving a visa to go to the USA.
She kept on taking the same tablets on her doctor’s advice.
We try to avoid going shopping at weekends.
We enjoy being visited by our friends.
I don’t feel like writing the essay today.
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