Голицынский, 7-е издание – Герундий – Упражнение 421

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He is thinking of buying a new car.
Stop being angry. Forgive him for ruining your birthday party.
I cannot help feeling ashamed.
I congratulated my friend on passing (having passed) his driving test.
Go on talking.
I insist on telling him the truth.
They were afraid of missing the train.
I disapprove of you (your) playing computer games.
We gave up the idea of going to the country.
She gave up dancing last year.
Mother objects to my bringing too many friends to our home.
Do you mind my calling you?
Are you accusing me of cheating?
The students of our group are looking forward to touring Europe for their holidays this year.
His mother kept on hoping that he would phone or write soon.
What prevented her from coming to his birthday party?
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