Голицынский, 7-е издание – Герундий – Упражнение 422

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Stop running.
He denied having taken the money.
He was afraid of losing his friends.
She disapproved of his having gone to the evening parties too often.
I’m thinking of accepting that offer because I’ve had experience working with computers and know how to use them to do this project.
His mother objects to his going to the cinema very often.
We congratulated them on winning (having won) the match.
I cannot help being angry with him.
He burst out laughing.
Do you mind me bringing my friend?
I insist on asking his advice.
Go on writing to him.
If you persist in asking silly questions, I will not tell you anything at all.
She never stops talking.
People really can’t go on living like this.
He accused us of not visiting (having visited) him.
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