Голицынский, 7-е издание – Passive Voice – Упражнение 284

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I always praise my friends.
I am always praised at home.
Every Saturday father shows grandfather my marks.
Every Saturday father is shown my marks.
We often remember you.
We are often remembered in the village.
I am given juice every morning.
Every morning I give the cat milk.
Every day he tells us something interesting.
Every day he is told something interesting.
I often send an e-mail to my friends.
I am often sent abroad on business.
I am often invited to the cinema.
My sister is often helped at school.
Sometimes I forget to take my travel card.
I don’t write many letters.
Books by A. Christie are read with great interest.
Dogs like bones.
Dogs are liked in many families.
When is tea drunk in your family?
Where are old letters kept?
Why are these rules always forgotten?
Why do you always forget these rules?
Where do your friends live?
Where is bread bought?
When are questions asked?
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