Голицынский, 7-е издание – Passive Voice – Упражнение 286

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Tomorrow I shall bring a new film.
Tomorrow a new film will be brought.
My friend will help me with mathematics.
My friend will be helped with German.
We shall buy some ice cream.
The new skates will be bought tomorrow.
Mike will ask me to help him.
Mike will be asked to tell about his journey.
The doctor will ask me to open my mouth.
The doctor will be asked to cure me.
The tickets will be brought tomorrow.
The dictation will be written next Tuesday.
Mother will be asked not to worry.
Mother will be given a cup of coffee.
Mother will thank the doctor.
The money will be sent at once.
The carpet will be hung on the wall.
The books will be put on the shelf.
When will the letter be sent?
When will the paper be corrected?
How will this work be done?
When will this dictionary be returned?
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