Голицынский, 7-е издание – Passive Voice – Упражнение 298

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A lot of things have been scattered about.
All the books have been put in the bookcase.
The fields will be covered with snow in winter.
The homework will be handed in tomorrow.
I don’t think all the preparations will be finished today.
I am always invited to her dinner parties.
I was shown the dress (which had been) made by her daughter.
She was not invited to the party.
The window was not left open.
The light was not turned off.
Some friends have been invited to tea.
I have been given an English book.
Has the letter been written yet?
We have been told a lot of interesting things.
The paper has been written without mistakes.
The matter was discussed some days ago.
You are wanted on the phone.
My book was found on the windowsill.
Excellent shelters have been built for tourists in these mountains.
Have the exercises been given out to all the students?
The boy was angry because he was not allowed to go to the stadium.
Why have my books been put on this table?
His taxes have been paid.
This old computer is still being used.
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