Голицынский, 7-е издание – Passive Voice – Упражнение 301

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She cleaned and aired the room.
Have you read all these books?
Who wrote these letters?
The secretary has just typed the letter.
She showed me the picture which her husband had painted.
My parents will not allow me to go there.
We have told him everything so he knows what to do.
You must answer all the questions.
They have left the door open.
We met Betty at the station.
The girl’s mother did not allow her to go to the concert.
She said that they had not yet hung up the new timetable on the notice board.
We ate the roast chicken with pleasure.
It was so dark that we could not see the houses.
They have not yet turned off the light.
She punished the boy for misbehaving.
By three o’clock we had prepared everything.
We wrote the dictation without mistakes.
Who wrote the poem?
She washed and ironed her dress.
They did not blame me for the mistakes.
The teacher had looked through and corrected the papers by the next lesson.
They built this house last year.
We have just sent the letter.
We shall translate this article at the lesson on Tuesday.
When will you return this book to the library?
The doctor ordered her to have complete rest after her heart attack.
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