Голицынский, 7-е издание – Passive Voice – Упражнение 307

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The letters were left on the table.
The boy was not allowed to bathe in the river.
After dinner the dishes were washed.
The letter was written yesterday.
This article was written by an English journalist.
This poem must be learnt by all the students of our group.
We were shown a lot of fine pictures.
The poem was learnt by heart.
They will be taught English.
When the apple was eaten (had been eaten), the girl took the doll and went into the room.
When will your book be written?
All these books have been borrowed from the library.
The dictation was handed in to the teacher after the bell rang.
I thought that bread and butter would be bought by my sister.
In spring this field will be covered with green grass and flowers.
The homework was prepared, the books and exercise books were put into the bag.
The work was done very well.
The article must be translated by five o’clock.
The translation will be finished on time.
When I came home, soup had already been cooked.
The article was translated without mistakes.
The book was put in the bookcase.
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