Голицынский, 7-е издание – Предлоги – Упражнение 162

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Walk along this corridor, turn the corner at the end of the corridor and go into the first room.
In five minutes everybody was sitting at the table and listening to their grandmother.
He looked at the boats sailing down the river.
Last year we travelled about Europe.
He was walking along the street and looking at the faces of the passersby.
The dog ran to the river, jumped into the water, swam across the river and ran into the woods.
He crossed the street and entered the cafe.
She was walking about the room.
They sailed across the southern seas.
Walk along this path across the field and through the wood, and in two or three hours you will come to a river.
They were walking about the town from sunrise till sunset, talked to many people, looked at splendid palaces and monuments. In the evening they returned to the hotel tired but pleased.
Tom Sawyer jumped over the fence and ran along the street. In a few seconds he turned the corner and disappeared.
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