Голицынский, 7-е издание. Причастие. Упражнение 389

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Arriving at the railway station, he bought a ticket) walked to the platform and boarded the train.
Being promised help, he felt calmer.
Having been shown in he was told to take off his coat and wait for a while.
Starting the building of the house at once, Robinson finished it before the season of rains set in.
Pouring out a cup of coffee, he sat down in an armchair and looked at the woman sitting opposite him.
Having left the house and crossing the street, he suddenly stopped remembering that he had forgotten to take his tablets,
He looked at me and hesitated, not knowing what to say.
Having long lived in those parts and knowing the place very well, he easily found his way to the marketplace.
He had no language problems, having studied English for a long time.
Having written this exercise, I began to doubt whether it was correct.
Take care when crossing the street.
Students should always be attentive when listening to the lecturer.
There are many students studying music.
Don’t you feel tired having walked so much?
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