Голицынский, 7-е издание – Сложное дополнение (Complex object) – Упражнение 435

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I expect the letter to arrive tomorrow.
She expected the teacher to praise her.
He did not expect them to return so late.
I know her to be a talented singer.
I knew him to be a great scientist.
We did not expect you to do so much.
The teacher expected the pupils to understand the rule.
I did not expect him to write such wonderful poetry.
She knew him to be a very busy man.
Everybody knew her to be a progressive scientist.
I know your sister to be a very bright student.
Everybody knows Byron to be a great poet.
I did not expect it to happen so soon.
We expect you to help us.
He expected the minister to answer at once.
We expected the weather to change.
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