Голицынский, 7-е издание – Сложное дополнение (Complex object) – Упражнение 441

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I heard him opening the door.
I heard him open the door.
I felt him touch my hand.
I felt him touching my hand.
I saw the birds flying towards the wood.
I saw the birds fly to the wood.
We saw her swimming across the river.
We saw her swim across the river.
I did not notice him put the letter on the table.
I saw him put his suitcase by the door.
We saw her get off the train and walk towards the booking office.
We watched him walk up to the window, stop, open the magazine and begin reading.
I felt someone looking at me from the right.
We saw her leaving the house.
He heard the chairman call his name.
He felt the building shaking (trembling) from the explosion.
We heard them laughing merrily in the next room.
I noticed her turn pale.
I saw him stand up from the chair and walk towards the window.
The boy’s mother watched her little son cleaning his teeth.
He watched his mother washing the dishes.
We saw them approaching slowly.
We saw them sleeping.
He noticed her shudder.
I heard him playing the violin.
We heard him speak French to her.
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