Голицынский, 7-е издание – Сложное дополнение (Complex object) – Упражнение 444

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I want this article (to be) published in tomorrow’s newspaper.
He wants this beautiful song (to be) per-formed as often as possible.
He wanted his films (to be) seen in all countries.
The child wanted his teddy (bear) (to be) put in his bed.
I wanted my essay (to be) marked at once.
I don’t want this dress (to be) tom.
He didn’t want his hair (to be) cut.
I want my bicycle (to be) brought from the country.
I want this carpet (to be) spread on the floor in the drawing room.
He didn’t want his things (to be) touched.
Do you want this picture (to be) hung over the fireplace?
He wanted the grass (the lawn) (to be) mowed (mown).
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