Голицынский, 7-е издание. Сложное дополнение (Complex object). Упражнение 459

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We liked to come to this garden and watch children playing.
When Robert went out into the corridor, he felt something brush against his arm.
He’ didn’t want the students to be late.
Tom was a very diligent pupil and soon made everybody respect him.
I don’t want to make you do it at once.
I want you; to do it yourself.
Have you ever heard him playing (singing) this piece?
I want you to introduce me to your brother.
I like my sister to speak English with her friends.
Ann did not expect the book to be so interesting.
I often heard him tell the students about his native land.
We often saw them working in the reading room.
When did you have your car repaired?
If I see Nina in the library, I shall make her tell me about everything.
I know these people to be foreign tourists.
Mother wants you to mind your own business.
She saw him leave the house.
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