Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 325

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My friend told me that he would come as soon as he was ready.
My sister said that we should know that she had gone to the concert if she was not at home by eight.
My girlfriend said that she would come to the Philharmonic with me if I got tickets.
She told us that five years before there had been no people living there at all.
Fred said that he would go skiing on Sunday if he had time.
He said that they had finished building that house only the week before.
Mary said that it would be very pleasant when Tom came home.
My friend said that he would do it at once if I liked.
She said that her brother had been there early that day.
He said that it was a pity I hadn’t come earlier.
The teacher told the pupils that there would be an interesting lecture at their school the next day. She added that one of their teachers would speak about Charles Dickens.
Helen said that the year before she had spent her summer vacation in the Caucasus.
The man said that he had come to live in that town several years before.
Grandmother told us that she would be reading us a story until it was time to go to bed.
My brother said that he had read all about it in that day’s newspaper.
Dad said that it wasn’t funny if there was no money.
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