Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 326

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I told my grandmother to listen very carefully, when her turn came, to what the doctor told her.
The laboratory assistant told me that if I was in a hurry, we should only do the first experiment.
The writer told the correspondent that he would not start anything new until he had finished that novel.
The boy’s father told him that when he got a job, he would buy him a warm coat.
My mother told me that if I spilled the milk, there would not be any for the cat.
She told me that she would show me her new dress when I came to see her on Sunday.
Jane told Henry to bring Mary to their house if she arrived before seven.
The PT teacher told the pupils not to wait until he came and to begin playing volleyball as soon as they finished the exercises.
Mary told her mother to ask Robert, as soon as he appeared, where he had put the dictionary.
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