Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 342

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The teacher told us that we should have to work hard the next day.
My girlfriend told me that she would not be able to go for a walk with me that day because she was very busy.
She asked me how long I was going to stay in the country.
He told me that he liked to go to the canteen during the break.
He wanted to know when I should go to the canteen.
John said that he had met them at the airport the day before.
He said that he would come to the party if he was free the next day.
She said that she would go to the cinema in the evening if she was not very tired.
My mother told me that it would be difficult for me to get up the next day if I did not go to bed at once.
Nina said that she liked music and added that she listened to it every evening before going to bed.
My aunt said that she would not be thirsty if she ate some grapes.
Mother told us not to go out before she returned.
My sister said that she would be neither hungry nor thirsty if she had a cup of tea with a sandwich.
Mary told Fred not to switch on the TV and explained that she was working.
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