Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 351

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My friend said, “All the pupils of our class like history lessons.”
I said to him, “We like English lessons.”
The teacher said, “Soon you will speak English well because you work a lot.”
The teacher said, “I have already corrected your paper.”
Kate said, “Father is in the room. He is reading.”
Mother said, “Don’t make noise! Grandfather is sleeping.”
Ann said, “We found a lot of mushrooms in the forest.”
My friend said that all the pupils of their class liked history lessons.
I told him that we liked English lessons.
The teacher said that soon we should speak English well because we worked a lot.
The teacher said that he had already corrected our paper.
Kate said that Father was in the room and added that he was reading.
Mother told us not to make noise because Grandfather was sleeping.
Ann said that they had found a lot of mushrooms in the forest.
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