Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 355

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He said that they had forgotten to take the ball.
She said that she would be very glad to see me.
Walter suggested going to the Philharmonic and added that there was a good concert there that night. Robert agreed and added that he had not been to the Philharmonic for a long time.
Alex asked me if I had ever been to the National Gallery. I answered that I had and added that I had visited it the year before when we were staying in London.
He wanted to know who that man was and added that he did not know him.
I thought that he was a very clever man and (that he) could help me.
My brother said that in two hours he would have finished his work and then he would go to the cinema. He suggested going to the cinema together. I agreed.
The teacher told us (the pupils) to open our (their) books and begin reading the new text.
The girl wanted to know the price of that dress.
I asked my father to help me with that problem and added that I could not solve it. My father agreed and suggested trying to solve it together.
Kate suggested going to Finland for the winter holidays. Andrew refused and added that they had already been to Finland. He suggested going to Greece and added that it would be very interesting to see the country they had read about so much. Kate agreed.
Nellie said that she had gone to see Paul the day before but he had not been at home. Nick suggested going to see him that day. He added that he thought Paul would be at home. Nellie refused and said that she could not go that day because she was very busy.
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