Голицынский, 7-е издание – Согласование времен – Косвенная речь – Упражнение 358

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The shop assistant said that the shoe department was downstairs.
The professor told his assistant that he had made great progress.
The teacher told us that we must (had to) read that text at home.
Paul said that they would have to discuss that text the next day.
She asked me if I knew who had taken her book.
We asked him what had happened to him and added that he looked very pale.
She told me that she hoped I had not forgotten to post the letter.
She asked me where I had put her gloves and added that she could not find them.
They told me to try that coat on before buying it and added that maybe I should not like it when I had put it on.
The man asked if that was Michael. The man said that his name was Brown and that he had come from London that day. He told me that he had brought me some books from my friends. He added that he was staying at the Grand Hotel Europe and wondered when and where we could meet. I suggested meeting at the Pushkin monument in Arts Square at five o’clock if it was convenient for him. He agreed and added that he would be there.
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