Голицынский, 7-е издание – Степени сравнения прилагательных – Упражнение 143

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This is the most valuable painting in the Russian Museum.
My computer isn’t as new as my friend’s.
Our exams are much more difficult than yours.
The building of Moscow University is the tallest in the capital.
Our town is not so big as Kiev, but it is as beautiful.
Nevsky Prospect is one of the most beautiful streets in St Petersburg.
Who is the youngest pupil in our group? — Petrov (is). But he is the tallest.
English grammar is difficult, but English pronunciation is more difficult.
The shops in our street are larger than the shops in your street.
Our TV set is as new as this one.
This room is lighter than that one.
Today the weather is worse than yesterday. It is colder today and it is raining.
My room is not so large as my friend’s room, but it is lighter and warmer.
Which of these books is the most interesting?
November is not such a cold month as January.
My father is a very busy man.
The Crimea is one of the best places for rest.
Today he feels much better.
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