Голицынский, 7-е издание – Существительное – Упражнение 101

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The cat’s eyes are green.
The children’s toys are in a big box.
My father’s birthday is in May.
What a coincidence! This is my mother’s favourite cake.
I love my husband’s books.
What is that young man’s name?
He showed me his sister’s letter.
She took her brother’s skates.
Give me your pupils’ exercise books.
Bring the children’s things.
Yesterday the children found a bird’s nest.
This is my friend’s family. My friend’s father is an engineer. My friend’s mother is a teacher.
Whose bag is this? — It is Tom’s bag.
Whose dictionaries are these? — They are the students’ dictionaries.
Have you seen our teacher’s book?
I like this boy’s handwriting.
I (can) hear my sister’s voice.
She opened the window and heard the children’s laughter and cries.
She put the boys’ wet boots near the stove.
This is our grandmother’s armchair.
I think the student’s answer is excellent.
My husband knows a lot about Agatha Christie’s detective novels.
Sunday was Diana’s birthday.
We watched TV at my friend’s house last night.
Lisa’s dog jumped into the pond (pool) with us.
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