Голицынский, 7-е издание – Существительное – Упражнение 97

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These are my dictionaries.
They have new suits.
These metals are very hard.
Those ships are Russian ones.
We heard their voices.
Their dogs do not like bread.
The plates were on the table.
These towns aren’t very large.
We saw them at the tram stop yesterday.
Are those girls your sisters?
We shall give you our books.
These stories will be unusual ones.
Are these good matches?
The boys put their books on the desks.
They took off their hats.
Those houses are new.
The young men put their hands in their pockets.
Are these students coming with us, too?
The women didn’t say anything.
Do they speak English?
The police officers have caught the thieves.
They are holding the children hostige.
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