Голицынский, 7-е издание – Существительное – Упражнение 98

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They are very difficult questions to answer.
We think we’ll have those cakes on the right.
Look at those pumpkins! They are the biggest ones we’ve seen this year.
Are these your scarves?
Those were cookie jars.
What are those children’s names?
The cats have caught mice.
There were ladies, gentlemen, boys, and girls in the room.
In the farmyard we could see oxen, sheep, cows, and geese.
Are these workers Englishmen or Germans? — They are Frenchmen.
Why don’t you eat these potatoes?
These strawberries are still green.
The withered leaves have fallen to the ground.
Can you see birds in those trees?
Do your teeth still ache?
I held up my feet to the fire to warm them.
Their children study very well.
These men work at our office.
There are some new houses in our street.
These stories are very exciting.
I have hurt my feet.
The wolves have been shot.
They keep their toys in boxes.
Put these knives on those tables.
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