Голицынский, 7-е издание – Употребление времен – Упражнение 171

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Yesterday they were at the library.
They are at school now.
Tomorrow they will be at the theatre.
At the moment he is not here.
On Sunday he will be at the concert.
Last Saturday he was at the stadium.
My brother is at school now.
My brother was at the cinema yesterday.
My brother will be at home tomorrow.
Will you be at home tomorrow?
Was she in the park yesterday?
Is he in the yard now?
Where is father?
Where were you yesterday?
Where will he be tomorrow?
My books were on the table. Where are they now?
My mother was not at work yesterday. She was at home.
My friend is not in the park. He is at school.
Tomorrow at three o’clock Nick and Mike will be in the yard.
We were not in the south last summer. We were in Moscow.
Tomorrow my grandfather will be in the village.
When will your sister be at home?
Will you be a pilot? — No, I shall be a sailor.
My sister was a student last year, and now she is a doctor. — Will you be a doctor, too? — No, I shall not be a doctor. I shall be an engineer.
They were not at the cinema.
They are not at school.
They are at home.
Were you in the park yesterday?
Was he at school yesterday?
He was a worker.
She was a teacher.
He will be an excellent journalist.
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