Голицынский, 7-е издание – Употребление времен – Упражнение 183

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His father is not watching, he is sleeping, he is.
Pat is not cooking, she is talking, she cooks.
I am not drinking, I am writing.
I do not drink, I drink.
Is your friend doing.
Does your friend go.
The baby is sleeping.
The baby always sleeps.
My grandmother does not work.
My father is not sleeping, he is working.
I usually get.
What is your sister doing, she is washing.
When do you usually come, I come .
Where does your cousin work, he works.
Does your sister study, she goes.
My cousin goes.
My mother is not playing, she plays.
When do you listen.
Who is making.
Are you reading and thinking.
They are, they don’t go.
What is she talking.
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