Голицынский, 7-е издание – Употребление времен – Упражнение 243

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There were, one of them was writing, the other was reading.
He did not tell, he had received.
I asked, he knew, she lived, I said, I did not know.
He asked, I could.
She said, he had given.
I asked, he had put.
He told, they had spent.
I was sitting, thinking, the door suddenly opened, I had not seen, entered.
She came, we were having, it was, I saw.
I saw, he was leaving.
I had not seen, we met.
He had left, I had.
He felt, wanted.
I thought, he had already gone.
I found, he was talking, who were standing.
He spoke (was speaking), we had never heard.
He told, he had learnt.
He entered, took, went.
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