Голицынский, 7-е издание – Употребление времен – Упражнение 276

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The train stopped, I looked, did not see, I had sent, they would meet, I discovered, they had received.
Her sister had forgotten, Ann had left, we came.
It had stopped, the sun was shining.
The performance had already begun, they had, the first act was, Nina had never been, she liked.
I did not recognize, I had not seen, she had greatly changed.
The boy burst, he did not remember, he had tried.
She is working, she has already gathered, she is writing.
We came, our train had already left, we had, another one came.
I had spent.
He had missed.
John Gray visited, has not been.
We had spent, we had learnt, we had experienced, we had come.
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