Голицынский, 7-е издание – Употребление времен – Упражнение 278

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He was happy: he had written an extremely good essay.
We have been looking for you the whole evening.
I suddenly remembered that I had eaten nothing since morning.
Luckily, the rain had stopped when we came out.
How many years have you been working at this school?
At eleven o’clock we were still working.
At eleven o’clock we had already been working for three hours.
I have already told you three times that the exercise should (must) be rewritten.
I had been reading a whole hour after dinner when father came.
I shall not come. I shall be writing an essay the whole evening.
Where have you been since last Friday?
I have been staying with my friends for two weeks already.
I had been staying with my friends for two weeks already when I received a (the) letter.
How many days have you been reading this book?
Only when she was on the train, she remembered that she had left the book at home.
They have been living in this house for five years already.
My sister had already been ill for several days when I learnt about it.
Did you know that he had not written the essay?
We haven’t received any news from her for several months already.
How many years have you been working in this factory?
He had already gone when Lena turned on the radio.
I have been working on this problem for three months already.
You must (should) rest. You have worked too much today.
Think about what I have told you.
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