Гроза, 9. Students book. Unit 2. Lesson 6. Exercise 2c

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With a description of the scene and what characters do. It shows that eve-lything is quiet. People do normal things. The description is even funny. This helps to show the contrast between nonnal and unusual tilings that are going to happen.
When the excited face of the ground controller appears on the screen. The word excited shows it.
When Kim is trying to see a bigger, clear picture of the objects. Everybody is tense with expectation. The reader/ viewer is prepared gradually. First the news comes from the ground controller. Then the objects are shown on the screen. The characters say Jesus! Gosh! Then Kim is trying to see them better. (And the readers too!) He works on the keyboard and comments his own actions. (Zoom … Clear picture … ) The expectation becomes stronger also because of the punctuation ( … )
Kim is obviously more serious. Felix likes jokes.
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