Гроза, 9. Students book. Unit 8. Lesson 2-3. Exercise 2d

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… got wet
… have got lost
… to get there
… got a good laugh
… get out of there
… gettingdark/I ate
… get home on time

Erin: Fun and wet, just how I like it!!! Very … uhm … unique! Better than most of the rapids rides I’ve ever been on because of how quick it goes. You actually feel like you are going down the river rapids, and at every turn, you think you are going to smash into rocks or drop off a waterfall. Great fun!
Jennifer: This is a really, really, really great ride! This is my favourite ride of any type of ride, including roller coasters, on the planet. Ever since I was little it has amazed me. The sculls and bones that spell out sentences, the ballroom dancing, everything. The theme song is absolutely terrific. The effects are stupendous. Not to be missed!
Steve: This is definitely the best log ride I have ever been on. And needless to say, the final drop is the best. It may not be as high as other rides, and you really feel like you are going to fall out of the boat. Then the surprise bump at the end. It’s worth queuing for.
Brent: Yes, yes, yes! This ride is totally cool! The drop is fast and fun. Wooden roller coasters aren’t my favourite, but this one was worth the admission price! Ride it during the day, and then again at night, and you’ll experience a completely different ride. There might be some that are bigger or smoother, taller or even faster, but nothing is this much fun. Ghost Rider is the best. I can’t wait for my next ride.
Kevin: When I go to parks, I try to get “warmed up” by going on less intense casters and work my way up. I choose Fighting Giants as my warm-up ride and found this one not so hot. Near the end, there’s a great moment where the coaster suddenly flies upwards into the air. But like most coasters, you simply have to ride (better to sit outside) and appreciate it. The queue for this ride, even if it is unique, is really too long.
Katie: Everywhere my family go they have to go on the merry-go-round. I think the owners should invest in a better quality carousel; it feels like it’s falling apart, and my feet hit the platform every time the horse goes down … now, That’s no Fun! If you’re a thrill seaker, don’t bother with this.

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