Карпюк, 5. Introduction. Lesson 3

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b) Interviewer: Hello. Today Г in at the London School of Music and Dance Here is one of the pupils — Judy Wilkins.
Judy: Hello. Nice to meet you.
I: How old are you, Judy?
J: I’m 15.
I: Are you from London?
J: No, I’m not. I’m from Newport.
I: Tell me about your school.
J: We have dance Lessons in the afternoon, but in the morning we must do other school subjects.
I: What are your favourite subjects?
J: Science, French and Music.
I: Can you sing?
J: No, I can’t, but T can play the piano.
I: Have you got brothers or sisters?
J: T have got one sister.
I: Are your parents dancers?
J: No, they aren’t. They are both teachers.
b) I: Hello. Today I’m in the School of Music and Dance in Kyiv. Here is one of the pupils — Leonid.
Leonid: Hello. Nice to meet you.
I: Leonid, how old are you?
L: I’m 16.
I: Are you from Kyiv?
L: Yes, it is my native city. But most of my school friends are from different towns and cities.
I: What can you tell us about your school?
L: It’s a wonderful place. It’s very interesting to study here. My main subject is singing, but I also play the piano and visit dance classes. We study other school subjects here too.
I: What are your favourite school subjects?
L: My favourite subject is Chemistry. I also like Mathematics.
I: Have you got brothers or sisters?
L: I have a brother. He studies here too.
а) A: I get up at 7 o’clock.
В: I do my morning exercises and take a shower.
С: I usually have bacon and eggs for breakfast.
D: I leave for school at 8.15 (a quarter past eight).
E: I sit with my best friend Tanya at school.
F: My favourite subject is Music, because I can sing very well. G: I go home at 2.30 (half past two).
H: No, I don’t. Sometimes I go home at two o’clock.
I: When I get home I have my lunch.
J: I get very much homework every day.
К: I watch TV for about three hours every day.
L: My favourite programmes are cartoons and sport news.
M: I go out with my friends almost every day.
N: My birthday is on the 26th of January.
О: I want new roller skates for my next birthday.
P: I go to bed at 10.30 p. m.
Q: I usually read a book before I go to bed.
b) 1 How long do you usually do your homework?
2 When do you meet with your friends?
3 Do you go home after school?
4 What do you usually have for dinner?
5 Do you do your morning exercises?
6 How do you start your working day?
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