Карпюк, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 3

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1) am;
2) is;
3) is;
4) were;
5) was;
6) was;
7) were;
8) am;
9) is;
10) were;
11) is.
Last week I went to the country. We were glad to see our grandparents. My grandpa is a farmer. He has got many domestic animals on his farm. On Saturday evening we made a fire and cooked potatoes. My father played the guitar and we listened to him. We talked a lot and went to sleep very late at night.
Italy is great! I am having a fantastic holiday at the seaside. The weather is wonderful. I swim in the Mediterranean Sea and lie in the sun every day. Yesterday I ate delicious Italian pizza.
I made new friends here. They are from Germany. I can’t speak German. But my friends and I can speak English. We are lucky to practice it together. Sorry, I am finishing my letter: they are calling me to play volleyball now.
See you soon.
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