Карпюк, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 4

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The letter is about summer at Grandparents (c). The phrases a) and b) give the idea of only some parts of the letter.
1) Maxim is having a good time in the Crimea now.
2) The children spent their holidays in the country. Because they were at their grandparents’.
3) No, he is not a farmer. He is a forester.
4) It is a small house. There is a lake near the house. Near the lake there are high green hills and large fields.
5) A lot of different flowers grow in the fields. Different birds and animals live in the forest and on the hills.
6) His grandfather always says that the forest is full of wonders.
7) The children like to listen to their grandfather’s stories about the wonders of the forest.
Max came back home two days ago. — False
There is a river near the house. — False
The lake is full of fish. — True
The field is full of small flowers. — False
Grandfather says he knows a lot about those animals and birds. — False
The forest is full of wonders. — True
Max is waiting for Denis. — False
This summer I was at the seaside in the Crimea. I swam and lay in the sun, and had a lot of fun with my friends. I saw beautiful Crimean mountains there. And I learnt to play volleyball.
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