Карпюк, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 5

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1) A visit to Kid’s Camp is a wonderful way to spend your summer holidays.
2) Would you like to join the Drama Club or the Art Class?
3) There are helpful and friendly team leaders here.
4) They can teach you the things you want to know.
play football, hockey, volleyball, golf, tennis
go swimming do many sports
have a fantastic time, a tennis lesson
join the Drama Club, the Art Class
At Kid’s Camp you can play football, hockey, volleyball, golf or tennis. You can also have a tennis lesson. You can go swimming or join one of the Camp’s clubs: the Drama Club or Art Class, for example. You can have a lot of fun the whole day there. And in the evenings there’s even more fun: quizzes, games, shows, discos and films.
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