Карпюк, 5. Unit 1. Lesson 8

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1. She likes more playing with dolls.
2. She said, “Please take me to different places every day of the holidays”.
a) She was in the Zoo on Monday.
b) She was in the country on Tuesday.
c) She was at the sea on Wednesday.
d) She was in the park on Thursday.
e) She was in the theatre on Friday.
f) She was in the circus on Saturday.
g) On Sunday she was ill and stayed at home.
The doctor said, ‘You should stay at home and play with your doll. You should get up early and play with your doll in the garden. Yon should give her breakfast and dinner on time and you should put your doll to bed early, too.’
The sister stayed at home and played with her doll in the garden.
She said, ‘Put my doll into the box. I don’t want to play with it. It’s time to go to school. I’m a big girl now.
Yes, he did.
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