Карпюк, 5. Unit 10. Lesson 6

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a) 1) Nizhin is in Chernihiv region.
2) Nizhin is a town.
3) It was famous for its culture and arts.
4) Poets Tarns Shevchenko, Oleksander Pushkin and many other well-known people visited Nizhin.
5) Writer Mykola Hohol studied in Nizhin.
6) There are many monuments, churches and museums in the town.
7) No, there is no circus in the town.
b) 1) No, it isn’t. Skala-Podilska is a big village.
2) It is in Ternopil region.
3) She is proud of her village, because it’s famous for its large park.
4) There are many birds in the park.
1) Uman isn’t in Cherkasy region.
2) No, Melitopol isn’t in Zhytomyr region.
3) Yes, it is. Odesa is proud of its friendly people.
4) No, it isn’t. Donetsk isn’t a very ancient city.
5) Yes, it is. It is famous for its summer camps for children.
6) Yes, it is. It’s proud of its historical places.
7) No, it wasn’t the capital of Ukraine in old times.
I live in Kharkiv. It is a big city in Eastern Ukraine. More than one million people live here. It is a beautiful city with many monuments, museums and other places of interest.
Very many famous people were born here, for example, Ludmila Gurchenko. Our city stands on the River Kharkiv. It is older than 350 years. The city is really great. And I am very proud that I live here.
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