Карпюк, 5. Unit 10. Lessons 1—2

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1) He was thinking about their newspaper all day long.
2) He thinks they have to tell more about our country, about Ukrainians, our culture and life.
3) Yes, they did. They liked John’s idea.
4) Yes, he was right. Because lots of children from the world around don’t know much about Ukraine. Some of them don’t know about our country at all.
5) They can tell about Ukraine through the Internet.
6) John’s brother will help them.
a) I’ve got a pen friend. I often tell him about my country in the letters. This weekend I’m going to send him some CDs of Ukrainian singer Ruslana.
b) I’ve got a pen friend. In every letter I tell him something about Ukraine. Today I am going to send him some sport magazines with very popular Ukrainian boxers Klichko.
c) I’ve got a pen friend. In my letters I tell him about Ukraine. Next Sunday I am going to send him Ukrainian souvenirs.
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